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Bridging Sydney


Bridging Sydney commemorates the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and celebrates its place in Australia's national identity.

From the earliest concepts for a harbour crossing to the complexities of its construction, the story of the bridge is one that has touched many lives around the world. A remarkable feat of engineering, it signified Australia's industrial and social maturity. The bridge's construction, completed during the Depression, had a dramatic impact on the city, destroying communities and buildings in its path yet at the same time providing jobs and heralding a new and more prosperous era of urban planning, mass transport and technology.

This publication is illustrated with images from public and private collections, including plans, photographs and works of art by Grace Cossington Smith, Will Ashton, Jessie Traill, Harold Cazneaux, Henri Mallard and others.

Edited by Caroline Mackaness
Published 2006
288 pages
310mm x 260mm

ISBN 9781876991227

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