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The Magic Pudding: The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum


The Magic Pudding: The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum

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The Magic Pudding was first cooked in 1918 and thousands of children (and their parents) have been relishing it ever since.

Norman Lindsay's timeless classic follows the adventures of debonair young koala Bunyip Bluegum, sailor Bill Barnacle and penguin Sam Sawnoff — owners of the much-desired Magic Pudding' Albert — who try to outwit Possum and Wombat, the professional and extraordinarily persistent pudding'-thieves.
Norman Lindsay's unique combination of literary and artistic brilliance with quintessential Australian humour, makes this book shine as brightly today as it did when it was first published.

This new edition reflects the original edition, but features a fresh, colourful design to appeal to today's reader. All the original artwork has been rescanned and the detail in the line is exquisite. This beautiful edition also includes an extensive, illustrated biography of Norman Lindsay, as well as fascinating letters between author and publisher, and reviews of the first edition.

For all puddin' fanciers, and those who have not yet tasted this puddin's magic delights, this book will be something definitely worth savouring.
This 90th birthday commemorative edition also includes a short biography on Norman Lindsay by his granddaughter Helen Glad; reviews of the First Edition, published in 1918; letters and documents reproduced from the publisher's archives; and, Puddin' Recipes.

By Norman Lindsay
Published 2008
228 Pages
245 mm x 228 mm
ISBN 9780732284329

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