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The Voyages Of Captain James Cook

Voyageur Press

The Voyages Of Captain James Cook

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Follow James Cook and his men as they embark on voyages of startling discovery.

In this new volume, Dr. Nicholas Thomas, an authority on Pacific cultures and the director of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, offers thoughtfully selected writings from James Cook and his editor, John Hawkesworth, as well as from naturalist Georg Forster and astronomer James King, both of whom travelled alongside Cook. 

In addition, Thomas curates a wealth of visual treasures. Cook's voyages were notable not only for their ambition and scope, but also for the works of art created en route by botanists, naturalists, and artists who accompanied Cook. Complementing these men's stunning landscapes, seascapes and depictions of first encounters with new cultures, studio photography highlights artefacts collected by Cook and his men, while modern color images revisit locations Cook and his crews experienced well over two centuries ago.

From the coasts of South America and Antarctica, to New Zealand and Australia, Alaska and Siberia, the East Indies and vast Indian Ocean, The Voyages of Captain James Cook is a beautiful and sprawling journey bound to enthral anyone who loves history, science, art and a classic adventure tale. 

Editor, Dr. Nicholas Thomas
Published 2016
260mm x 210mm
317 Pages
ISBN 9780760350294

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