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Babette Smith Book Trio

Allen & Unwin

Babette Smith Book Trio

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A Cargo of Women

Susannah Watson and the convicts of the Princess Royal

New edition of the bestselling history that traces the chequered story of 100 women transported together on the ship Princess Royal in 1829 to Sydney. Includes new information on the women and treatment of convicts, and new illustrations.

Babette Smith
Published 2008
336 pages 
ISBN 9781741755510

Australia's Birthstain

A startling legacy of the convict era

A controversial new history of convicts in Australia, which lays bare the distortions and myths that caused the nation to deny its own past.

Australia's Birthstain rewrites the story of Australia's convict foundations, revealing the involvement of British politicians and clergy in creating a birthstain that reached far beyond convict crimes. Its startling conclusion offers a fresh perspective on our past.

Babette Smith
Published 2008
341 pages
ISBN 9781741756753

The Luck of the Irish

How a shipload of convicts survived the wreck of the Hive to make a new life in Australia.

The Luck of the Irish is a fascinating portrait of colonial life in the mid-nineteenth century that reveals how the Irish helped lay the foundations of the Australia we know today.

'Brings the convict era to life through personal stories and insightful analysis.' - Lindsay Tanner

Babette Smith
Published 2014
304 pages
ISBN 9781742378121

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