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Planting Dreams: Shaping Australian Gardens


‘A garden should … be just a little too big to keep the whole cultivated. Then it gives it a chance to go a little wild in spots’ 

Edna Walling, landscape designer

Waratah or wattle? Chrysanthemum or rose? Planting Dreams celebrates the artistry and imagination that have shaped Australian gardens.

Richard Aitken, the respected garden and landscape historian has dug deep into the collections of the State Library of New South Wales, to create Planting Dreams, showcasing Australian garden making in all its richness and diversity through a stunning and intriguing mix of paintings, sketches, photographs, and prints, from popular culture to high art. 

This beautiful book explores the historic, environmental and social influences that have helped produce our unique gardening culture – from Indigenous land management and the earliest European garden at Farm Cove, to the potted plants and breeze block screens of mid-twentieth century modernist design and beyond. This is proving to be a staff favourite- filled with beautiful images and capturing the history of gardening in a engaging and thoughtful way. 

Richard Aitken
Published  2016
272 pages
280 mm x 230 mm 

ISBN 9781742234649

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