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The Florilegium & Lost Gardens of Sydney

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Limited Offer - The Florilegium & Lost Gardens of Sydney

The Florilegium

A quality production with newly-commissioned full-page illustrations of 87 historically significant plants in Sydney’s three botanical gardens.

Sixty four leading botanical artists have contributed work to this wonderful collection. The majority are Australian, with 23 international artists also contributing. Almost all of the artists are represented in the major public and private collections around the world, and have been awarded medals. 

87 plants have been chosen for their botanical and historical significance. All but a few have been painted life size, and then reduced by approximately half for reproduction in the book. Presenting a variety of contemporary styles, representing individual artistic responses to the plants, while always retaining botanical accuracy.

Beverly Allen - Project management, Colleen Morris and Louisa Murray – Authors
Softcover printed and embossed, with flaps
Colour illustrations throughout             
224 pages
300mm x 245mm
ISBN 9780994477910

Lost Gardens of Sydney

Sydney’s vast sea of roofs belies its rich legacy of gardens and gardening. In every direction from the city, large estates and gardens have been subdivided and lost to our ever-increasing need for real estate. Lost Gardens explores Sydney’s rich and diverse gardening heritage. It traces the rise and fall of a number of Sydney gardens and garden styles, from the native bush and significant early colonial gardens, to nurseries and the gardens of the rising middle class, to the small domestic gardens of the inter-war years, to corporate roof-top gardens and threatened gardens of today.

Colleen Morris
Published July 2008
160 Pages
270mm x 210mm
ISBN 9781876991296

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