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About Us

Sunset at Elizabeth Farm Photo (c) James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Living Museums cares for a group of 12 of the most important historic houses, gardens and museums in NSW on behalf of the people of NSW.

Our purpose is to enrich and revitalise people’s lives with Sydney’s living history, and to hand the precious places in our care and their collections on to future generations to enjoy.

We bring our museums to life through a dynamic and diverse program of exhibitions, research and events such as walks, talks and tours so that our visitors can experience Sydney's past as if they had lived it themselves.

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All proceeds from purchases from our Online and Museum Shops contribute directly to the funding of Sydney Living Museums. Sydney Living Museums Members enjoy a 10% Discount off Merchandise in our Museum Shops and here Online - don't forget to enter your Member Discount Code at Checkout.  

Search the Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection Pictures Catalogue for paintings, drawings and photographs from the collections of all Sydney Living Museums’ properties, including the forensic photography archive at the Justice & Police Museum.

Donate today. Your gift to Sydney Living Museums makes a powerful difference. By choosing to support us, you are ensuring that important heritage sites are protected for future generations. In sharing our stories, from Indigenous to colonial, each heritage site brings new perspectives and traces the significant developments in Australian history.

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Historic Houses Trust of NSW, incorporating Sydney Living Museums, cares for significant historic places, buildings, landscapes and collections. It is a statutory authority of, and principally funded by, the New South Wales Government.

Image Credit: Sunset at Elizabeth Farm Photo (c) James Horan for Sydney Living Museums