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Captain Cook and the Endeavour

Captain Cook and the Endeavour


Captain Cook and the Endeavour is the story of a poor boy from Yorkshire, born into a farming family but destined for so much more.

The little ship Endeavour shudders and stops, slewing violently to the east. The grinding sound of rock on wood vibrates through the hull. The captain, Lieutenant James Cook, knows his ship and crew are in real danger. To the west lies a dark uncharted coastline, and to the east Pacific Ocean stretches thousands of miles to South America. They are alone, beyond help...

  • Part of the award-winning Our Stories series, a proven resource tool for school projects and use in the classroom.
  • Fast-paced and easy reading - includes fact boxes, a timeline, a glossary, contents page and index - this book can be dipped into or read from cover to cover.

Mike Lefroy
Published 1 May 2010
32 pages
210mm x 296mm
ISBN 9781742031286

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