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Child Convicts

Child Convicts


Their story is one of survival. Their story is one of nation-building. Their story is the story of Australia.

At the age of seven, children in eighteenth century Britain were tried in court like adults...Some, as young as nine, were transported to the colonies. Their names may not be familiar, but one of these child convicts would become the first person hanged in Australia, another would be celebrated on our twenty-dollar note and a third would count a future prime minister as a descendant. 
  • Part of the award-winning Our Stories series, a proven resource tool for school projects and use in the classroom.
  • Fast-paced and easy reading - includes fact boxes, a timeline, a glossary, contents page and index - this book can be dipped into or read from cover to cover.

Net Brennan
Published 1 September 2013
32 pages
210mm x 296mm
ISBN 9781742032238

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