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City of Sydney Pictorial History

City of Sydney Pictorial History


A portrait of yesterday's Sydney and its people using some never before seen early photographs. 

"Pitt Street is remarkable for its neatness and cheerful appearance displayed by most of the cottages with which it is lined on either side; the small garden plots before them, their shaded verandahs ... have a direct tendency to recall the rustic beauties of Old England." - James Maclehose, 1839

James Maclehose's romantic picture of the southern end of Pitt Street in 1839 reads like a fairy-tale when one looks at the street today. The cottages and those who lived in them have long vanished and multi-storey monoliths, occupied by another quite different generation, stand in their place.

The never ending process of change is happening before our eyes for sights and sounds, like ideas and values, come and go with seasons. We have only to momentarily turn our backs when some fragment of our city - a familiar building, a theatre, a friendly store we associate with our past - has been replaced. No wonder some of us seek the assurance of old places and old things.

The streets of that other Sydney, the Sydney of yesterday, casting a ghostly shadow behind today's concrete valleys and clashing traffic, are preserved in words and memories, photographs and engravings. I have selected some of these to present a portrait pf the places and of the people who once populated the city of Sydney - Alan Sharpe, Author. 

Alan Sharpe
Published 2013
139 Pages
210mm x 184mm 
ISBN: 9780987184085

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