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Emporium: Selling the dream in colonial Australia

Emporium: Selling the dream in colonial Australia

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Perhaps that electric hairbrush really did cure baldness and wouldn't it be wonderful if those strange cannabis cigarettes did relieve asthma? 

Advertisements can reveal a great deal about an age. Gleaned from the pages of long forgotten publications, such as 'The Sydney Gazette' and 'New South Wales Advertiser' and 'Australian Town and Country Journal', together with dozens of regional newspapers, they paint an intriguing picture of our great-great-grandparents' world. With over 450 images, this book is one to pore over.

In 'Emporium', collections of advertisements give a series of 'snapshots' of colonial times. Each themed section, with its eyewitness accounts and contemporary descriptions, paint a lively and entertaining picture of everyday life in the Australian colonies.

Humorous - quirky - fascinating - you will find this book compulsive!

Edwin Barnard
Published 1 March 2015
192 pages 
225mm x 300mm 

ISBN: 9780642278685

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