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From Cook to Convicts

From Cook to Convicts


From Cook to Convicts: A voyage of adventure, mayhem and discover.

In 1770, Captain James Cook sailed up the east coast of Australia in his ship, the HM Bark Endeavour. Setting out from England in 1768, he was given two instructions: to observe the transit of Venus and to find and chart the mythical "Great Southern Land". He succeeded in both tasks, despite he and his crew facing great hardship and danger, to complete one of the great voyages of exploration.

But as a result of this voyage and reports made later by Joseph Banks, botanist on board the Endeavour, England would come to view Australia as a viable solution to her convict problem and a potential British colony. From Cook to Convicts examines this epic voyage and its history-making consequences.

John Darkin
Published October 2007
96 pages 
127 mm x 187 mm
ISBN 9781877437083

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