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Living in the Landscape

Thames & Hudson

Living in the Landscape


From remote cliff tops to the heart of a rainforest, this book features some of Australia and New Zealand’s most breath-taking homes.

As urban life becomes increasingly more demanding, many people are choosing to build away from the city in a way that acknowledges and connects with the landscape. Living in the Landscape explores new and exciting relationships between landscape and design. It examines how architects increasingly use various nuanced landscape conditions as inspiration and sites for creativity. The complexities of the Australian landscape with its beautiful but often harsh geographical and topological physicality, questions of sustainability and climate change, and an understanding of the Indigenous relationship to landscape are all thoughtfully considered.

From the archetypal silhouette of the rural farm shed to Glenn Murcutt-inspired buildings designed with the philosophy of touching the earth lightly, the authors explore how landscape and architecture intersect. In an age where we are increasingly aware of our relationship with the environment, these breathtaking homes exemplify the possibilities of living with the land.

Features 29 homes in varied landscapes from the bush, coast and rain forest.

Anna Johnson, Richard Black
Published December 2017
272 Pages
214mm x 269mm
ISBN: 9780500501191

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