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Playing Beatie Bow: Popular Penguins

Playing Beatie Bow: Popular Penguins


'Now then,' thought Abigail, 'Something very weird has happened to me. I'm in the last century. I don't know why, and that doesn't matter. I've got to get back.'

The game is called Beatie Bow and the children who live in The Rocks in Sydney play it for the thrill of scaring themselves. But when Abigail is drawn in, the game is quickly transformed into an extraordinary, sometimes horrifying, adventure as she finds herself transported to a place that is foreign yet strangely familiar . . . 

Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. 

Ruth Park
Published June 2010
208 Pages
113mm x 181mm
ISBN: 9780143204879

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