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The Australian Housewives' Manual

The Australian Housewives' Manual


A book for Beginners and People with Small Incomes

'Personal cleanliness and neatness are the first requisites towards good housekeeping... Venus herself would look hateful with cloudy nails, dingy teeth and dusty hair.'

The Australian Housewives Manual is a facsimile version of a publication written in 1883 by ‘an Old Housekeeper’. The book contains page after page of advice for young married women on how to care for house and home. To the modern reader, the advice offered in Australian Housewives’ Manual is a mixture of wisdom and amusement. Suggestions to young couples about the importance of saving, the benefits of taking out life insurance and the advantages of carefully selecting quality over quantity are just as applicable today as they were in Victorian times.

An Old Housekeeper
Published 2012
202mm x 138mm
ISBN 9780642277558

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