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The Commonwealth Of Thieves

The Commonwealth Of Thieves


An extraordinary narrative history of the First Fleet, by celebrated Australian Author Thomas Keneally.

In 1787, Britain banished its unwanted citizens - uneducated petty thieves, streetwalkers, orphan chimney-sweeps and dashing highwaymen - to the shores of Botany Bay . These convict rejects of Britain, accompanied only by a insubstantial complement of soldiers, marines and officers, were expected to start a settlement and flourish. It was an audacious social experiment, unparalleled before or since.

To the indigenous inhabitants, the white men came as ghosts through cracks in the cosmos, rudely seizing the bounty of land and sea. On the swampy shores of Botany Bay, and by the sandstone coves of Sydney Harbour, the clash of civilisations was inevitable, intense and often tragic. From this improbable beginning, through famine, drought, escapes and floggings, the glory of modern Sydney was born. Britain's penal experiment succeeded against all odds.

Impeccably researched and told in the inimitable Thomas Keneally style, The Commonwealth of Thieves is the compelling tale of a nation's history, its unforgettable colonial people and their quest for identity.

Thomas Keneally
Published 2007 
528 pages 
ISBN 9781741666137

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