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Wendy Whitely & The Secret Garden / Cultivating Modernism

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Wendy Whitely & The Secret Garden

'I've loved making this garden. It's been a great gift to my life. It let me find myself again, and it's my gift to share with the public.' Wendy Whiteley

For more than twenty years Wendy Whiteley has worked to create a public garden at the foot of her harbourside home in Sydney's Lavender Bay. This is the extraordinary story of how a determined, passionate and deeply creative woman has slowly transformed an overgrown wasteland into a beautiful sanctuary for everyone to enjoy - and in the process, transformed herself.

 When Brett Whiteley died, followed by the death nine years later of their daughter Arkie, Wendy threw her grief and creativity into making an enchanting hidden oasis out of derelict land owned by the NSW Government. This glorious guerilla garden is Wendy's living artwork, designed with daubs of colour, sinuous shapes and shafts of light.

This is Wendy's story but it's also the story of the countless people who cherish the Secret Garden

Janet Hawley
Published  2015
304 pages
327mm x 256mm 

ISBN 9781921383939

CULTIVATING MODERNISM: Reading the Modern Garden 1917-71    

Part history, part guide, part source book—Cultivating Modernism will be an inspiration to all with an interest in gardens, books, and the recent past. 

With 330 images in full colour, Cultivating Modernism is an armchair tour through our modern landscape—international in scope, Australian in focus.

The perfect gift for anyone who has wondered "What am I to do with the Garden of a Modern House?" Filled with innovative design ideas open a door on new and creative ways to landscape the modern home, drawing on the archives and history of Australian Modernism. 

Richard Aitkins
215 pages
Published 2013
300mm x 245mm

ISBN 9780522861228

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